My name is Christine Solimine and I love creating cakes!  I am a wife and a mom of 2 awesome kids who are my biggest fans!  My cake journey started when my daughter Taylor turned a year old.  I remember thinking that I wanted to make the best cake ever to celebrate her special day.  I searched through magazines and books and finally found a beautiful cake inspired by Martha Stewart (my hero).  The cake was chocolate and round.  It had piped buttercream frosting stars spanning the entire cake with individual gumdrops placed randomly in the center of the stars.  The cake came out great and every year since I have tried to top myself with the biggest and most creative birthday cakes for my daughter Taylor and son Nico.  I have to say that my cake journey hasn’t always been a smooth one.  Those who know me know there have been a few cake mishaps along the way…  One Blue’s Clues cake comes to mind!   Friends and family have told me for years that I should start my own business.  I have finally taken their advice and started “Kiki’s Sweets”. I have realized in life that you should do what makes you happy.  Creating cakes for people makes me happy.